Your ABA Newsletter

The Self-Support Committee has created a monthly Newsletter to further support communication between all levels of the Program, and we need your help.

We want a way to share about upcoming events such as Workshops, Retreats, Meditations, Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting, BUT, we want to have some fun with it too.

Would you like to have a sobriety milestone posted? Are you willing to share where and when you are celebrating? Share your recovery story in a paragraph or two; what ABA has meant to you. Do you have a quote or paragraph from ABA approved literature that really spoke to you?

Is your group struggling and needs support; ask for it through your Newsletter.

Willing to be a sponsor?  Willing to share your contact information so that those needing a sponsor can reach out to you?

If you have any other suggestions or ideas of what you would like to see in the Newsletter …. REMEMBER IT’S YOUR NEWSLETTER …. please contact Dawn at

Thank you.