Available Committees

Become a Committee Member

There are various different committees to participate in to help with the operation of the GSA. All Committees are looking for volunteers to join each committee.

GSR Committee


The GSR meets the first Saturday of each month at 2:30pm Eastern time

Zoom 615–788–8412.
Pswd: solutions

April 2, 2022 Meeting Agenda

March 5, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Public Information Committee

Chair: Alison


Please contact Alison for further information.

About the Public Information Committee

Sobriety Requirement:
At the discretion of the Committee

Self Support Committee

Chair: Caren.


Please contact Caren for more information.

Sobriety Requirement:
This committee has no sobriety requirements.

GSO and Personnel Committee

Chair Tammie


Please contact Tammie for further information or if you are interested in joining this committee.

About the GSO and Personnel Committee

Sobriety Requirement:
1 year continuous sobriety for membership and 2 year continuous sobriety for the Chair

Literature and Outreach Committee

Chair: Lou


Please contact Lou for date and time of meetings.

About the Literature & Outreach Committee

Sobriety Requirement:
2 years of continuous sobriety

Website Committee

Chair: Tammie


Please contact Tammie for further information.

Retreat and Conference Committee

Chair: Lisa

About the Retreat & Conference Committee

Sobriety Requirement:

The Retreat Committee will meet the second Sunday of the month at 11am PST / 2pm EST. Please contact Lisa for location details.

We are looking for members to join the committee.

Time Requirement: None