September Meditation 2017

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“We fervently believed that if only we could work through the abandonment issues in our childhood well enough, or could process the pain of our sexual abuse fully enough, or could resolve our enmeshment issues with our mothers thoroughly enough, or could analyze our dysfunctional families cleverly enough, then surely we would have no further need to restrict our food or to binge and purge.”

Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous, p. 59.

This was me in a “nutshell.” I was the “nut”: all my crazy thinking that if I could just figure everything out from my past – the why, when, and how – then I would stop bingeing and purging.

In thirty-five years of acting out in my eating disorder, with thirty of those years in therapy and three treatment centers, the knowledge I gained proved to be no defense against bulimia. It was only after I totally surrendered to a Power greater than myself by working the Twelve Steps and feeling the pain of my past that God could relieve me of the obsession and compulsion to binge and purge.

I continue to surrender my life and my will on a daily basis and I receive the gift of sobriety.

Thought for the Day

Surrender is letting go of any battle I am sure to lose.

Submitted by Bonnie K.
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