September 2022

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Your Community Connection

We need General Service Representatives!

Service helps keep us sober, and ABA needs you!

What would you need to do?

Attend your home group’s business meeting once a month and attend the 60-minute GSR Business meeting once a month. Bring concerns from your home group to the GSR business meeting and bring information from the GSR business meeting back to your home group.

Why this is important

As a General Service Representative or GSR, you are linking your home group with the whole of ABA. You are helping to make possible a unified group conscience of ABA in all matters pertaining to our primary purpose — service to the still-suffering anorexic and bulimic.

Not sure or want to learn more?

Contact Emily N at (917) 545-6980 or come visit our GSR business meeting (no obligation required!) and check out what we do.

The GSR business meeting is held on the first Saturday of the month at 2:30 PM EDT
(see ABA website for Zoom details)



My Mirror Mobiles

I consider mirrors
a threat to my self-esteem.

Much of my time spent looking in
them is judgmental.

Instead of breaking my body apart
by critical analysis in a mirror, I
sever the mirror itself.

Once reclaimed, the mobilized
mirrors become enchanting
and illuminating, representing my
natural state – clear and reflective
of everything around it without
being affected by what it reflects.

The mirror mobiles are made from
mirrors that I’ve collected or found
in the trash.

I carefully break the mirrors into
fragments and sand the edges so
they are safe to handle.

I embed the wire in-between two
pieces of mirror that are joined
with mirror mastic.

My mobiles pay tribute to my
journey from the use of mirrors as
self-destructive weapons,
to recognizing them as a
manifestation of my natural mind.


“There is no pit so deep

That God’s love is not deeper still.”

                             Corrie TenBoom

From Despair to Hope

Once again I’m on the bathroom floor
      Hitting my head against the door.
I’m unaware that as I cry
      It echoes through to the other side.

They do not know, I want this to end.
     They do not know, it’s hard to pretend.
They have their opinions and I have mine.
     I’m sure I’ll convince them that I’m just fine.

So, once again, I get to my feet.
     I flush the toilet and put down the seat.
I take a deep breath and I look in the mirror.
     I wish, like my vomit, I’d gone down the sewer.

It’s where I belong. I feel like an idiot.
     My head keeps screaming, “You’re nothing but shit.”
“Help me!” I pleaded. “God help me, please!”
     “To stop this madness, to just have some peace.”

“This has to end soon, or so shall I.”
      And then it happened. Someone heard my cry.
A faint light on my path showed a peephole ahead.
      I couldn’t see far but I was shedding some dread;

That dread that I would never be free.
      So, with a small seed of hope I fell to my knees.
And while I was there a ladder appeared.
      It had 12 steps without any veneer.

It looked rather steep and I FEARED I would fall.
“Fear Not” I was told. You just need to call.
Just call one who’s climbed this steps before
Who knows what lays at the very core.

The core of insanity, the power of this disease.
      “There’s recovery,” she said. “Just follow my lead.”
I needed her lead for the journey was rough.
       There were mountains and valleys and terrain that was tough.

With each step that I took I let go of more baggage
      I started to see just how I might manage.
Then, before I was even halfway through
      New freedom and happiness was coming true.

I now can handle what I couldn’t before.
       When my disease rears its head and starts to roar.
 A daily reprieve is a tool away
       To keep me on course when I start to stray

I know there are ladder crews that I can call.
       They will help me to stand and prevent a fall.
 I do not fall as far as before,
       Before recovery opened the door
To honesty, willingness and so much more.

Karen T

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