Speaker Series (Audio CD set)

*The speakers on these recordings share their own personal experience, strength and hope; their opinions are not the official position of ABA. 

      #C-15 Unity: Together We Can Do What None Can Do Alone!

Our co-founder shares her views on unity on the first track. Three members who have never shared their story before at the retreat are included in this set.  A comprehensive workshop on sponsorship facilitated by two long-time members rounds out the set.

Recorded in 2017

4 CD set
$25 CAD 

#C-14 The Program and the Fellowship: Recipe for Freedom
Three new speakers and one veteran from Canada and the United Kingdom share their stories on these two key factors in their journey to wholeness.  The third disc contains an hour-long workshop where two experienced members answer a variety of general questions from the audience.
Recorded in 2016
3 CD set
$18 CAD 

#C-13 Our Circle of Healing: The Unique Nature of ABA
Two old-timers and two relative newcomers speak on what makes ABA unique and how it relates to their own personal journey. Parents of a long-time member share their extensive experience on providing meal support to local ABA members.  The final disc in this set is comprised of a workshop on the retreat’s theme facilitated by three sober members with different lengths of sobriety.
Recorded in 2015

       4 CD set
       $22 CAD 

#C-12 Learning to Love Ourselves
This set includes inspiring stories of self-love from four ABA members with long-term sobriety as well as a detailed workshop on Sponsorship.  A husband of one of our members shares his experience on ‘The Family Perspective’ to round out the set.
Recorded in 2014
5 CD set
$30 CAD 

#C-11 Recovery Becomes Reality: A Global Experience
Recorded during our 2nd International Conference held in Lake Dallas, Texas, USA. Three new ABA speakers from different stages of the recovery journey share their stories of healing.  The fourth speaker shares her insights on the Twelve Traditions and their importance to the unity and strength of ABA.
Recorded in 2013
4 CD set
$22 CAD 

#C-09 Sharing the Solution
Once again, five ABA speakers never before recorded offer their experience,strength, and hope to anyone wishing to hear it. These members focus on how ABA’s solution to their eating disorder has become a solution to other problems that life has presented to them. A fourth disc, a workshop on “Meal Support,” contains the fresh experience of two facilitators, ABA members who have themselves received and provided meal support. Two bonus discs on “The Family Perspective” record three family speakers who have lived with ABA members.
Recorded in 2011
6 CD set
$35 CAD 

#C-08 Service Work: Our Most Powerful Tool
Have you ever wondered why service work is named by the ABA textbook as “the most powerful tool of recovery”? An answer to this question is explored in depth by one of ABA’s pioneering members, followed by the experience of four sober ABA members who have used this tool extensively. A fourth disc contains a workshop on “Service Work” led by two ABA members with unique experience on the subject. Anyone hearing these seven inspiring speakers will emerge with a renewed commitment to service in ABA. Bonus disc contains the “Perspective of ABA Friends”—two non-ABA directors who have served on ABA’s General Service Association.
Recorded in 2010
5 CD set
$30 CAD

#C-04 Sobriety is Surrender: The Tools of Recovery
All sober ABA members know the importance of using the eight “Tools” outlined in the ABA textbook, for this is the means of cooperating with the Higher Power that keeps us sober. One ABA speaker presents a general introduction to this subject, followed by eight members sharing their experience of using one of the tools in the course of their recovery. A bonus disc on “The Family Perspective” contains the experience of three family members who have lived with ABA members.
Recorded in 2007
6 CD set
$30 CAD 

#C-03 The Promises Come Alive
Many ABA meetings conclude with a reading of the “9th Step Promises” from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. These Promises sketch a vision of the relief and joy that await anyone willing to work through the first nine Steps of the 12- Step Program, and they offer hope to newcomers and to others still in the pain of early sobriety. Six ABA speakers offer their experience of the truth of these Promises. Highly recommended for anyone needing a reason to persevere with working the Steps! A bonus disc on “The Family Perspective” records three family members sharing their experience of living with an anorexic or bulimic, both before and after recovery.
Recorded in 2006
4 CD set
$20 CAD 

#C-01 Strength Through Our Traditions
The 12 Traditions of ABA are the single most important element in ABA’s unity and vitality. Following the Traditions is the best way that ABA members and groups can ensure the survival of our Fellowship and its outreach to others suffering from eating disorders. In six separate presentations, ABA members explore the Traditions and their importance. A “must-hear” for anyone committed to the continued growth and health of Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous!
Recorded in 2004
5 CD set
$25 CAD 

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