Bulk Shipments

All literature orders need to be prepaid before being shipped.  
You can place your order by contacting the General Service Office for a quote and payment instructions.

Payment methods include:

  • cheque
  • money order
  • credit card (via PayPal invoice only)
  • Visa debit card (via PayPal invoice only)
  • PayPal account (via PayPal invoice only)

Please have your complete contact and shipping information ready when ordering.

General Service Association of ABA
#116, 3-11 Bellerose Drive
St. Alberta, AB T8N 5C9


US Orders exceeding $200 USD (excluding shipping charges)

These orders must be processed through U.S. customs. The carrier will bill the purchasing organization or corporation with the following fees:

– Brokerage fees
– Surety bond
– NAFTA processing fee

To avoid these charges we may suggest that orders exceeding $200 USD be split into multiple shipments and shipped on consecutive days.

International Orders

Please note that we are able to ship to any country worldwide.

Next Board / GSA Meeting

The next Board Meeting will be SUNDAY July, 17th, 2022, at 12:00 pm Mountain Time/2:00 pm Eastern TimeClick here for more information about attending the meeting via Zoom or phone and for the agenda for this meeting.

The AGM will be SUNDAY March, 20th, 2022, at 12:00 pm Mountain Time/2:00 pm Eastern TimeClick here for more information about attending the meeting via Zoom or phone and for the agenda for this meeting.

General Service Office Hours

This office is staffed part-time and as such, emails are only checked three times per week. Unless urgent, emails will be responded to within 72 hours. Emails are not checked over the weekend. 

As we no longer have a physical office, please email the office manager if you require any literature. Arrangements will need to be made for pick-up of  any literature orders within Edmonton and area.

Thank you for your understanding.
Letter from the President

For more information about each committee, please visit the committee page by clicking on the button below.

To the fellowship,

During this time of COVID-19 things are rapidly changing. We trust that everyone is taking good care and that each meeting is making autonomous decisions regarding how to keep everyone safe. Some live meetings have gone online and others have closed temporarily. If you have a change to your meeting such as a temporary closure, please email the office so that we can update the website.

If you are meeting live, then you may, as a group, decide not to hold hands at the end in prayer but instead to just pray next to each other. Feel free to take the actions that fit for you and your group and remember that we need to keep ourselves healthy and we also need to keep others that might be more vulnerable safe as well.

We have been told that due to closures of institutions that there is an increased demand for the services of Zoom rooms. Due to that, the Zoom system has been quite busy and there have been some connection issues with our virtual meetings. Therefore, we have instituted a back up system to connect for the AGM in case we run into problems. Please see the website for details on that.

Also, know that orders that come into the office may take longer than usual as we face the slowing down of services. We ask for your patience with this.

Remember to use all of our tools to connect with each other while taking precautions. Use your phone and email to stay connected as we all may need increased support in that way during this turbulent time. We can pray and meditate to stay grounded as well.

Be well everyone.

Amy G on behalf of the GSA Board of Directors