Anorexics & Bulimics Anonymous Text Book – Second Edition – Hardcover


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Anorexia and bulimia nervosa are widely regarded as the most lethal of mental illnesses. Baffling and incomprehensible to all concerned and to normal folk, these maladies have confounded health-care professionals for decades. Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous provides a solution to the quandary of these disorders. Derived from the lived experience of our thirty-year-old Fellowship of recovering anorexics and bulimics, this textbook contains all the information we have come to regards as vital to full recovery from our deadly affliction. Using the addiction model of the 12-Step Program has led us to a level of freedom from our mental obsession that none of us could have dreamed possible. In the words from the Preface, “We have become walking miracles, acknowledged as such by those who knew us when we were the walking dead.” The reader will be led on a fascinating journey through the insanity of these disorders, culminating in a magnificent vision of hope. Directed towards those trapped in the labyrinth of eating disorders, their families, and their therapists, the text lays out in precise detail the steps we took, the tools we used, the love that grew in us, and the healing we received. Richly illustrated from true-life experience and complete with a compilation of personal stories by individual members, the text will capture the reader from its opening page. Eighteen years have passed since the publication of the first edition of Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous in December 2002. To our surprise and delight, that rendering in print of the A.B.A. message resulted initially in explosive growth of the A.B.A. Fellowship and its eventual spread to five continents. There now exists in the world a large number of people who have recovered from their eating disorder by using the approach outlined in this book. We believe the time has come to update the text to more closely represent the current membership of A.B.A., thereby allowing us to reach more anorexics and bulimics who could benefit from the recovery path we have discovered.

The long-awaited Second Edition of our textbook is now ready!

Its novel features include:

  • A length expanded by 70 pages over the First Edition
  • A comprehensive Forward to the Second Edition containing a brief history of the ABA Fellowship
  • Part II, Stories From Our Pioneers, revised and updated
  • Part III, Newer Voices, contains brand-new personal stories from ten sober members from
    around the ABA world
  • Two Appendices, “Sobriety is Surrender: What Does THAT Mean?” and “Sobriety is Surrender: A
    Guide for Meal-Support Providers.”