October 2022

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We believe there is no middle – of – the – road solution…
We had but two alternatives: Go on to the bitter end…. the other, to accept spiritual help.

AA Big Book Page 25

ABA is looking for a new President

Amy will be stepping down in March 2023 after 4 years as President

A Big Thank You

for all the service that she has done to help guide ABA, and for continuing on in the role of Past President for 2023

And Talking About Changes

We have a new Operations Manager!

Please welcome Kheri to her new position.

Kheri is familiar with ABA, having served on the Board for the last 3 years but has now stepped down to take on this new challenge.

We are grateful for her commitment to ABA and look forward to having her help support us to carry out our 5th tradition.


To our ABA fellowship and our wonderful Retreat Committee for putting on a fantastic virtual retreat.
If you missed some sessions …. no worries. The audio recordings will become available on our website shortly.
We had an amazing turnout with a total of 103 members sign up which raised $3,222.00.

And Talking About
Celebrating Recovery

Did you know ……..
ABA will be 30 years old
on February 18th 2023.
Contact Dawn at
if you want to get in on making
Saturday February 18th
as fun and memorable as possible.

Meal Support Workshop

Sunday November 20, 2022
2:00 pm to 4:30 pm ET

The Self Support Committee
is at it again!!!!!

The Committee will be hosting a Workshop on all the amazing ways that we can get sober through meal support.

Our panel will include a Doctor, a Dietitian, those who have helped provide meal support and those who have been on meal support.

We will also be touching on how medical conditions are supported while on meal support.

This will be a Workshop there there will be time to go into breakout rooms to brainstorm on how best to get sober on meal support.

We Need General Service Representatives!

Service helps keep us sober,
and ABA needs you!

What you would need to do:

Attend your home group’s business meeting once/month and attend the 60-minute GSR Business meeting once/month then bring concerns from your home group to the GSR business meeting and bring information from the GSR business meeting back to your home group.

Why this is important:

As a General Service Representative or G.S.R., you are linking your home group with the whole of ABA. You help make possible a unified group conscience of ABA in all matters pertaining to our primary purpose—service to the still-suffering anorexic and bulimic.

Not sure or want to learn more?

Contact emilynrecovery@gmail.com or come visit our GSR business meeting (no obligation required!) and check out what we do. The GSR business meeting is held on the first Saturday of every month (see ABA website for details.)

ABA’s newest weekly inspiration numbers


30 finalized
10 being reviewed
Total 40
Goal 52
12 entries to go!
Thank you everyone
for turning in
their creative writings,
as we all work towards
ABA’s first Meditation Book.

More Developments … What A Concept!

Yes, the 12 Concepts were approved at our last Board meeting.

More details will be forthcoming as we “flesh out” these vital guidelines to help guide ABA at the World Service level.

Just like the traditions and the steps we can use these in our personal recoveries as well.

Here are the principles through which we serve each other and the fellowship as a whole:

  1. Proximate responsibility and consummate authority for Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous (ABA) General Service Association (GSA) will completely rest in the Fellowship of ABA.
  2. The ABA GSA and its service arms has been designated as the expressive voice and impelling conscience and delegated complete administrative and operational authority.
  3. Effective leadership grows with the Right to Decision presented to the ABA GSA and its service arms.
  4. Participation at all levels of ABA is necessary for widespread representation of the Fellowship. Participation is the key to harmony.
  5. ABA is dedicated to protecting each member of our groups and maintains the Rights of Appeal and Petition to ensure all voices are heard and all grievances are handled.
  6. The elected Directors of the GSA of ABA have been delegated to exercise the active administrative responsibilities as accepted by the General Service Representative Committee (GSR).
  7. The GSA is empowered to manage the matters of ABA service as a matter of legal delegation by the Charter and Bylaws. The GSR Committee is not guided by legalities but by traditions.
  8. The elected Directors of the GSA are responsible for the planning and implementing of policies and finance. Full authority for the routine management of ABA service is delegated to its committees.
  9. The GSA assumes primary leadership in terms of service, however; service at all levels of the Fellowship is a necessity for our current and future functioning.
  10. Service responsibility at each level needs to be balanced by equal service authority that is well defined to avoid confusion.
  11. The attributes and capabilities of Committee members, elected Directors, and staff members are of utmost importance. The GSA is responsible for ensuring their quality.
  12. The GSA and the GSR Committee will operate under the spirit of the Twelve Traditions of ABA. It will ensure that undue wealth is not accumulated by holding only what is necessary for operation in addition to a prudent reserve. Decisions of import are to be reached through thorough discussion, voting, and, whenever possible, unanimity, where no one member holds unconditional authority over any other in the Fellowship. The GSA and the GSR Committee will ensure that there will be no personally punitive actions, no actions spurring public controversy, and no acts of government will be performed. Democracy will always remain in spirit and impact.

Adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon Family Groups

My day started off well.
I had a full day ahead of me so I needed to be focused.
I took the opportunity to sit outside on a cushion, close to the ground, and prayed to be kept sober and grounded during this moment of quiet time – tuning into my surroundings – the birds chirping and the breeze rustling through the trees.
I enjoy capturing images of what is around me – especially nature !

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