November 2022

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We all celebrate
in our own ways.

In Canada
Thanksgiving is in October

In the UK
they celebrate Harvest
festivals in September or October.

The US
celebrates in November.

No matter how
you celebrate.

Questions to ponder

What am I truly
grateful for?

What gifts
do I have?

What gifts would I
like to receive?

What gifts would I
like to give?

Being thankful And practicing gratitude For all that we have

And for all that God has given us Needs to be a year round Attitude for us

We’re moving into
the holiday season and
gifts are a beautiful
expression of love.

Why not celebrate by
giving the gift of service?

Don’t know how
to get started?

Speak to somebody
who does service
and they can help
guide you!

There are so many ways
to give back.

One of the
best ways to serve
is being sober in ABA.

Not sure how
to get sober.

Well, we have a Workshop
designed to support
those that are struggling
and those that want
to keep their recovery.

We have to quit doing the insane things we do with food

Meal Support Workshop

Sunday November 20, 2022
From 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm EST

By Donation
Register Online

Our first priority has to be physical sobriety

Sobriety requires absolute surrender of our body to the Creator. Only with sobriety first can we recover from anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating

We want to thank everyone involved with ABA for all the service that you do.

Thank you for attending meetings, chairing meetings, making outreach calls and receiving them.

Thank you for sponsoring and being sponsored.

Thank you for being on the board, serving on committees, And for being a GSR.

Thank you For sharing your Experience, strength and hope!

In 2023 Many positions will become available
including President OF THE BOARD.


Then attend the annual general meeting (AGM) in March 2023


A special note
that in November,
many of us pause
to remember
those that we’ve lost.

Remembrance Day
is not only an opportunity
to reflect about the
Victims of War
but also to reflect about
those who have lost their
lives to addictions.

So, let’s take a moment
to remember those who
have lost their battle
with Anorexia, Bulimia,
Binge Eating and
Compulsive Eating disorders,
and put them in
our hearts and prayers.

May we all find peace
through recovery.

we are excited about the recent response towards
having a weekly meditation book but please keep the meditations coming!

Forward them to Kim at

Another way to support ABA is to contact your local library.

We are hoping to get paper and digital copies into the hands of those who are struggling and looking for a solution.

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