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Where Do Donations Go?


ABA members in Israel have finished their work on translating the ABA text into Hebrew. Now the GSA has hired a professional translator to edit their work one section at a time as we receive the funds to cover it.  Currently, the Preface, Chapters 1-2, and the Preamble for Meetings have been completed!  We can only continue this work as donations come in so please consider making a contribution.

This will be the first translation of the ABA textbook into another language.

Testimonials from some members on why the book needs to be translated:

  • “My name is S____ and I am a member of ABA Israel. The main reason I wish this book will be translated is that I hope to get deeper into our literature, and this cannot happen since my English is not good enough.
  • When I read a message of ABA in Hebrew it moves me in ways that don`t exist in English.
  • I simply realize what is my problem and the solution for it.  The ability to identify and the healing power of words.”

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A dedicated committee of Russian and English-speaking ABA members have completed over 80% of this translation in the past year and a half.  The GSA is requesting your financial help to start building a fund for finalizing this translation. Once donations have started to accumulate we plan to have the Preamble for Meetings published first.

2 Ways to Donate

Online Donations
Use the buttons above to donate to your preferred translation.

Mail-in Donations

  • Make the cheque or money order payable to: General Service Association of ABA
  • Send cheques or money orders in CAD, USD, Euros, AUD, NZD, or GBP.
  • Please include a note indicating that the donation is for either the Hebrew or Russian textbook translation.
  • On the note, we also need the name of the ABA group the donation is from or that you are an ABA member.
  • Please mail to:

General Service Association of ABA
#116, 3-11 Bellerose Drive
St. Alberta, AB T8N 5C9

***ABA is fully self-supporting (7th Tradition), therefore we can only accept donations from ABA members or ABA groups.  If you are not an ABA member, your donation will be refunded.  Thank you.