May Meditation 2017

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“The most awesome aspect of our rebirth into lives of peaceful sobriety and usefulness is that such restoration came about through encountering a Higher Power who regarded us as valuable before we ever sobered up, a Power who loved us from the beginning and sought us out, sick and broken as we were, to convince us that we were not merely accepted but passionately and ardently desired.”

Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous, p. 137.

I think that each one of us has to be loved into healing. I am stunned by the idea that our Higher Power is working “to convince us that we [are] not merely accepted but passionately and ardently desired.” It speaks of the abundance that is there for each of us when we let down the guard of control.

My healing through love started with my husband. When, after two years of marriage, he learned that I had been secretly throwing up, he compassionately said, “I so care about you! I love you and want you to heal.” From that first point of love I began to heal. I let someone in. I let the love of another matter more than the obsession with food.

After I accepted the caring of my husband, then I could let in the caring of my ABA group, my sponsor, my meal support provider, and finally my Higher Power directly. It’s not just about taking in the nurturance of food, but taking in the love of others and the love of the Higher Power that heals us. I had to step out of the isolation of “me” and trust in the “we.” I’m so glad I did, because the “we” is far more than I could have imagined.

Thought for the Day

Today, am I willing to accept how much I am loved by God and others?

Submitted by Amita S.
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