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Contribute to new ABA literature!

There is currently one opportunity for members to share their experience, strength and hope to help write future ABA literature.

Contribute to the Daily Meditations Book! The Literature Committee is compiling members submission to compile a book.

  • Meditation Book
    • A long-term project to create a daily reader of ABA program reflections.
    • Please note that we are now accepting submissions by email.  For more information on how to submit your writing please see this document:
    • We also need this copyright release form filled out and sent in along with your submissions:

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Here are the latest “Daily Meditation” to inspire you in your recovery. You can also look through the archives to find older submissions.

In the spirit of the 7th Tradition the General Service Association is requesting a financial contribution from ABA members who make use of these meditations. By making a donation you are supporting the ongoing production of valuable literature that supports the recovery of ABA members worldwide.


“As light finally dawned we accepted our flaws—our self-centeredness, our dishonesty, our illusion of control, our fears, our perfectionism and arrogance and judgmentalism. […] We surrendered to reality as it is, ceased to wish it were different, and finished grieving over it. Put in slightly different terms, we forgave ourselves for our character defects. Self-hatred, our most pervasive character defect, evaporated in that moment of self-forgiveness. We had finally let God remove it.“

Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous, p. 106.

Throughout my life, I have wanted to change myself. I was never satisfied with my being just the way I was. Once I entered ABA and began to work the Steps, this reality gradually changed. After working Steps six and seven, I finally began to accept myself, with both character defects and character assets. In other words, I started to experience self-love. Since then, this sense of serenity has rarely left me. With the help of a Higher Power in my life and the tools of the Program, I finally see that I am perfectly imperfect, and I have become okay with that.

Thought for the Day:

Today, I will let go of any thoughts and wishes for perfection. I will allow myself to be okay with me just the way I am. It is with God’s grace that I am able to do this and for that I am eternally grateful.

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