July Meditation 2017

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“Everything is a gift and gratitude is the discipline of knowing that, rather than the warm and mellow feeling that may or may not accompany our knowing.”

Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous, p. 150.

I used to be grateful only when things seemed good. At peace on the beach with the sun shining, it’s easy to be grateful. Through recovery I have learned to practice gratitude at hard times also. This helps to pull me out of negative thinking patterns. If I feel resentful toward my husband, I pray for him and remember what I love about him. I am learning to see the good in everything, and this brings me closer to my Higher Power. It lets me see how I am being cared for, even at times when I feel abandoned by God. It helps me reconnect.

Thought for the Day

As I practice the discipline of gratitude, I let go of my negative attitude and open myself to seeing the grace of God in all things.

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