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July 2023

One of our members suggested the theme of Sunlight of the Spirit. July seemed to be an appropriate... Read more about this in our July Newsletter.

June 2023

In June's edition, we're essentially discussing the theme of "Growing Up." This is not an easy adjustment for most, as many of whom suffer from this illness are hard wired to numb, shut down, and/or run away. When life is experienced as overwhelming, too hard, or too frightening we may have a response to use use or addictive patterns to cope. Read more about this in our June Newsletter.

January 2023

July Newsletter

Leaping into the New Year This time of year, is an opportunity for HOPE. We see a possibility for new beginnings. A fresh start. Easily though we can set ourselves up for unrealistic expectations by focusing too far into the future.…

December 2022

Thriving During the HOLIDAY SEASON This time of year can be very challenging for many of us. Expectations and disappointments can wreak havoc with our well-being and recovery. Busyness can numb us to our inner reality. Is it possible through…