August Meditation 2017

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“One of these defects was perfectionism.[8] Nearly all of us set impossibly high standards for ourselves and, when we failed to measure up, felt like dismal failures.”

Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous, p. 51.

Before I joined the ABA Fellowship, I didn’t realize how much my perfectionism controlled me. Doesn’t everybody want to be the best in their studies, at work, at home, as a wife or a mother? Doesn’t everybody want to be the thinnest person in the room? I did. And I couldn’t see how self-centered I was to compare myself to everyone else.

The Twelve Steps brought me to a more spiritually centered place. I realized my life was unmanageable when I tried to do it my way. I let go of directing my own life and asked God to take charge.

Thought for the Day

Am I willing to surrender myself to God as I am?

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