Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous (ABA)

Board & Committees

There are many service opportunities available through the GSA...

Become a Board Member
The minimum commitment of Board members is to participate in a monthly two-hour meeting in Edmonton, AB. Directors who reside outside of Edmonton participate electronically by phone conference. The sobriety requirement for ABA members to join the Board is 1 year of continuous sobriety.

Become a Committee Member
There are various different committees to participate in to help with the operation of the GSA.

The next BOARD/GSA meeting is scheduled for Monday February 17, 2020 at 6:00 PM Mountain/8:00 pm Eastern Time. Every A.B.A. member is welcome and encouraged to attend. Documents for this meeting will be uploaded as received.

Draft Board Minutes December 15, 2019

ABA General Service Association Agenda January 20. 2020

President's Report

Office Manager's Report

Public Information Committee Report

Treasurer Report - No Report

Profit and Loss Statement to December 2019

Profit and Loss Statement by Month Feb-Dec 2019

Quarterly Profit and Loss Summary

Budget vs. Actuals to December 2019

Balance Sheet

GSR Board Membership Document

Retreat Committee Report

GSO and Personnel Committee Report

KPI's for the Office Manager-waiting approval from Board 2019

GSR Committee Report

Inventory Committee Report

Meeting Support Committee - No report

Self Support Committee Meeting Minutes Draft

Self Support Committee Terms of Reference

Literature Committee

Consultative Committee - No report

ZOOM: Meeting ID: 853 261 7668

U.S.: (408) 638-0968 or (646) 558-8656
Canada: (647) 558-0588
Enter the meeting ID then #.
When prompted for participant ID use the # again.

Interested in becoming a Board or Committee Member?
Anyone interested in these service opportunities, please contact the GSA office at 780.318.6355 or gsaoffice@aba12steps.org

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