Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous (ABA)

Milestone Tokens

The GSA is pleased to introduce the first ever set of sobriety milestone tokens unique to our Fellowship! Each token is made of durable recyclable plastic in 6 attractive colours.  One side displays the ABA logo and the reverse contains the phrase 'Sobriety is Surrender' around the edge with the milestone in the center.

Pricing:  Milestone side

$0.25 CAD per token

$0.20 CAD each for 100 or more tokens of any combination.

Tokens available

#T-24H Yellow chip for 24 hrs of sobriety.

#T-1M Blue chip, 1 month.  Logo side

#T-2M Red chip, 2 months.

#T-3M Green chip, 3 months.

#T-6M Purple token, 6 months.

#T-9M Fluorescent Pink, 9 months.

Please contact the office for total costs including shipping, handling and PayPal fees for ordering the above items. Also please note, delivery times provided are ONLY to the Customs Office. After that point, delivery is based on how long it takes for customs to clear a package and the recipient city to deliver it.

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