Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous (ABA)


Monday ZOOM Meeting
8:30-9:30 pm GMT United Kingdom, 7:30-8:30 am Tuesday Sydney Australia time zone

ZOOM Meeting ID: 450 290 248 

1. Sign up for a free account at https://zoom.us/.
2. Download the ZOOM app or go to the ZOOM site's home page.
3. Go to 'Join Meeting' on the homepage and enter the ID for the meeting you are attending.

To access the meeting by phone:

  • Dial 1.408.638.0968 (California), 1.646.558.8656 (New York) or 1.647.558.0588 (Canada)
  • Enter the ZOOM Meeting ID: 862 815 9185#
  • Then a recording will ask you to enter your participant ID with the # key OR enter the # key only. **ENTER THE # KEY only.**
  • To mute or un-mute press *6.
  • Go to this site to obtain other International phone numbers: https://zoom.us/zoomconference



Grace +44-7845262812 or www.padlet.com/abaonlinemeetings/info

Monday Living in the Solution Group
8:15-9:15 pm Eastern Time, North America

*PLEASE NOTE that we are no longer utilizing Zoom Conferencing for this meeting.*

  • Our new dial- in numbers are listed below.
  • Access code: 8091893#.
  • You will enter the conference MUTED and may unmute yourself by pressing *6 when it is time to speak.
  • You may incur some phone fees or long distance charges charged by your provider if the dial-ins are not covered by your personal phone plan. For the most part, you will be charged local call rates if you are using a local dial-in number for your country. We suggest checking with your telephone provider as to the charges – if any – that you may incur.

Australia – Pinjarra: (08) 9520 3110
Canada : 587-405-1252
United Kingdom: 0333 113 0100
United States: 712-832-8330, 712-832-8595, 605-475-2875, 605-475-4120, 218-339-7800, 605-475-6333

MEETING TYPE: Open, ABA Literature Meeting

Newcomer Contact:

Tracy S. at +302-229-5806 (texts okay) or sanna.tracy@gmail.com

Monday Big Book Study Meeting - ZOOM
7:30-8:30 pm (Sydney, Australia time zone)

ZOOM Meeting ID: 244 908 1802


This meeting focuses on studying the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous: if you have a copy, we suggest you have it ready with you (you don’t have to have a copy). We look forward to having you at the meeting.

Contact: Lou  +61 0438 618 873

Monday Basic Text Study - ZOOM
15:15 pm GMT (10:15 am EST)

ZOOM Meeting ID: 862 815 9185


We read and discuss the ABA basic text. We look forward to having you at the meeting.


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